The Metamora Park District 

The Metamora Park District was formed in 1967. Since then, the district has addressed the recreational wants and needs of residents. The district has developed a fine system of parks, the jewel of which is the 450-acre Black Partridge Park. This park features areas of sports fields, playground equipment and pavilion facilities. The trail system through the park provides both an opportunity for recreation and to commune with nature. Smaller parks within the district offer playground equipment and sports fields.

In 1998, the Metamora Swimming Pool, a key part of the district’s recreational  facilities, underwent a $900,000 renovation. Besides refurbishing the pool and the deck area, a new kiddie pool, with an umbrella waterfall, new playground equipment and a tubular slide were added as a part of the project.

To reserve one of the fine shelters located in many of the parks, please contact a Park Board Commissioner at 367-2932. For information about the Village Park on the Square, please contact the Village of Metamora Administration Buidling at 367-4780. For questions about the Park District or any of the other parks, please contact a Park Board Commissioner by calling 367-2932.

Visit the Metamora Park Board Website at:

Eric Stone
Sarah Buss
Dawn Deeb
Michelle Spielman
Mike Staub
Allen Eckhoff
Director- Christy Ganson,

Treasurer/Secretary- Betty Lang