Village Services

Metamora has kept pace with new technologies and techniques making the best possible services available to residents.

The Metamora Police Department has grown over the years in manpower and in its  commitment to consistently updating its knowledge of  law enforcement methods and technology. The department provides police protection 24 hours, seven days a week.

Metamora’s Street Department maintains village streets following a plan which  addresses major street repair on an annual basis. In addition, the department maintains the streets in general and when weather demands. Street employees also collect landscape waste for the convenience of residents.  In the fall, leaves are collected with the village Leaf Vac, reducing the environmental impact of burning leaves.

The village’s first water works, consisting of a duplex pump, 800 yards of cast iron mains and a 1,600 barrel tank, began operations in 1889. Today, Metamora boasts a  state-of-the-art water treatment plant. The facility has increased both the capacity and the quality of water in Metamora. The sewer system was built in the late 1960's. A $3.5 million upgrade in 2003 ensures that the sewer treatment plants are top of the line. Please visit the files page to download the 2006 Consumer Confidence Report.

 Volunteers serve and protect

The strong sense of community, so predominate in Metamora, is no more evident than in the volunteer spirit found here. That spirit is especially displayed in the professionalism and dedication of the volunteers of safety and rescue units which protect the village.  In 1889, the village’s first volunteer fire department was formed. Today’s department continues to serve Metamora . Its members keep up-to-date with training and the fire station houses several trucks. The department also has the latest in rescue equipment, including a thermal imaging camera.

The personnel of the Emergency 116 Ambulance Squad have been responding to emergency situations since 1978 with no tax support. Trained EMTs volunteer their time both in training and serving on the squad. E-116 needs additional committed volunteers. Please visit the E-116 website.

The Metamora Emergency Services and Disaster Agency has been in existence since the mid-1960s. Volunteers monitor threatening weather conditions, staff the village’s siren system and are available to assist in any public safety situation.

Streets Department

Streets Department Staff

Water and Sewer Department

Water and Sewer Department Staff

Water Treatment Plant

500,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank

Pump Station Genset

Wastewater Lagoon Blower Building
 Water and Sewer Department Staff

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 Streets Department Staff

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